The mission has been facilitating various microbusiness opportunities for women in Guatemala for over ten years. In our current project Kathy is teaching Fernanda how to sew several different items that we will sell on the mission website, (STORE). Several things differentiate the products we sell in the mission’s online store from what you can purchase from other online stores.

  • Profit from sales of items online help support an indigenous Mayan woman, Fernanda.
  • Income will also be used to help fund other mission projects such as the food outreach and children’s ministry.
  • Items made from typical Guatemalan fabric are made of recycled material. We go to rural Mayan markets where women sell used hand woven fabric, (skirts, dresses, blouses). We personally inspect then purchase gently used fabric to be used in making purses, shopping bags, and aprons.
  • Nothing is a factory assembly line product. Everything is a handmade one of a kind item.


Micro Business Guatemala
Kathy checking out hand woven Mayan fabric in Panajachel, Guatemala.


Micro Business Guatemala
We choose only the best fabric for our purses, bags, and aprons.
Micro Business Guatemala
Kathy shows Fernanda how to piece together doll clothing.
Micro Business Guatemala
Kathy explaining to Fernanda how to make a baby quilt.